Vision and Vulnerability

Youth Activity Centre
October 18, 2023
2:00 pm

About this session

One of the greatest challenges of youth ministry is helping volunteer leaders catch the same vision you have for reaching the upcoming generation. Sometimes our only strategies for leadership recruitment is wallowing in self pity or sending passive aggressive texts. We’re going to need to do better than that. We need vision and vulnerability. These tools will help us become the Christian leaders people will want to follow and join. In this hub we will talk about how.

Evan has been the Lead Pastor at Northgate Church in Courtenay on Vancouver Island for nearly 9 years.  Before that, when he still had hair, he was the Youth Pastor at Coastline Church in Victoria for 6 years.  He has generally been in way over his head since he’s been in ministry, and the Holy Spirit has provided in amazing ways.  He loves Jesus, The Church, Vancouver Island, surfing, coffee, his wife Kendal and his three kids Izzy, Hardy and Nola.


Evan Allnutt