Technology in Discipleship

Preschool Room 2
October 19, 2023
2:00 pm

About this session

Technology has been used by the church since its inception. From oral tradition to papyrus scroll to parchment codex, until finally, the printing press. These technological advances have been praised through the years, and yet, as we turn to the present day, there are often hesitancies in the use of tech: Online Bibles, digital discipleship, streaming church services, not to mention AI. What would it look like for us to return to the imaginative place of the early church or the Gutenberg days to envision what technology can do to help us all advance the gospel, enhance discipleship, and grow together.

Natalie Frisk worked in ministry for over 15 years. During which time she earned a Masters in Theological Study (Biblical Studies) and began pursuit of her Doctorate in Practical Theology with an emphasis on the spiritual experience of children (in process). While the curriculum pastor for a multisite church, Natalie published Raising Disciples: How to Make Faith Matter for Our Kids (Herald Press, 2019). She is now the Director of Curriculum for RaiseUpFaith as she continues doing what she loves: content developing, team building, and pastorally nurturing the souls of whomever she encounters. Natalie is married to Sam, mom to Erin, and in a close relationship with coffee. She loves Jesus with her whole heart and is a big fan of samosas.


Natalie Frisk