Lane Cuthbert

Lane Cuthbert Financial

Lane Cuthbert is a dedicated financial advisor specializing in helping individuals achieve their financial goals and build confidence in their financial future. With a rich background as a lead fund analyst at Hoovest Financial Inc. and certifications from the Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) and the Canadian Securities Institute, Lane brings extensive expertise to his clients. Over the past seven years, he has crafted more than 300 custom financial plans, assisted over 240 clients, and educated over 2,500 people on practical and biblical budgeting principles.

Lane’s approach is highly personalized, focusing on empowering clients through customized strategic financial planning. He excels in tailoring financial plans to specific goals, actively managing investments, and implementing safeguards to protect families and secure financial futures.

Lane Cuthbert Financial’s new initiative is focused on empowering churches with comprehensive financial planning and asset management, helping them effectively leverage resources, diversify income streams, and achieve long-term stability. Based in Langley, BC, Lane co-leads the firm with his wife Emily, focusing on creating holistic financial plans that effectively achieve individual financial goals. Outside of their professional work, Lane and Emily enjoy spending quality time with their three daughters. Their commitment to their community and business reflects their mission to support churches and individuals in achieving lasting financial stability and impact